Monday, September 7, 2009

Is he a credible person??

In his message at Pryor Creek Community Church in the US, Timothy Laklem claimed he was not a politician but a man of God.

Click here to listen to Timothy's message

God wouldn’t want His people to be the cause for discord among their own people. Jesus, when he was crucified on the cross, even prayed for those who tortured and killed Him instead of saying bad things about them. Did Timothy lead that kind of life to be called a man of God? When he was not elected to the KNU Central Committee at the KNU 13th congress he was furious and made unjustifiable personal attacks on the leadership of KNU. God wouldn’t want any individual to take vengeance on others for not fulfilling his wishes, instead God would want His people to forgive, even their enemies.

He also talked about striving to achieve peace with the adversary when all the time he was sowing disunity among his own people.Did he even achieve genuine peace for his people, the Karens? In February 2009 when the UN Human Rights Rapporteur Tomas Ojea Quintana traveled to Karen State Timothy made a statement to Quintana claiming that the war was over and peace has been achieved. He urged the UN, which he called useless in his message at Pryor Creek Community Church, and the international community to work with KNU/KNLA Peace Council and the Burmese generals to close down all refugee camps in Thailand and send back the refugees to Burma. Little did he realize (or was he ignoring?) that while he was making that false statement, crimes against Humanity by the SPDC was going on full speed in Eastern Burma in the Karen State. Click the link below to see the report compiled by KHRG.

And now a Major General in KNU/KNLA Peace Council, he will keep on lying as long as there are people who will listen to his smooth talking and believe without finding out the truth for themselves. As long as there are groups supporting him and believing him one sided without hearing out the majority of the Karens, he will continue to deceive them with his rhetoric.

Now he is even going ahead with plans to have talks with the Thai authorities for the closure of refugee camps, sending his people into the camps and threatening the refugees to go back to Burma. That is not the work by a man of God. Almost all the Karens, inside and outside of Burma, don’t approve of what he’s been doing politically all along.
A few years ago, a non political religious and human rights foreign organization terminated their working relation with Timothy and ATM (Asian Tribal Ministries) due to Timothy’s involvement with the KNU/KNLA Peace Council where he was the major catalyst for the Peace Council’s split from the main Karen resistance organization, the KNU and his relation with DKBA, another breakaway group of KNU and with SPDC, as well as serious concerns over accountability and transparency and possible misappropriation of funds.

The International Community should think twice and find out the reality before believing and supporting this kind of individual who claimed to be a man of God and then changed to be a politician and an army officer.