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By Roland Watson
August 28, 2010

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In June, we published lists of 660 Burma military officers who in 2009 began masters or doctoral programs in Russia at fourteen different technical universities. We now understand that the lists were prepared for
submission to and approval by Russia’s Foreign Minister. They were in English to facilitate this communication.

Of the 2009 class - Batch 9, 111 were directly assigned to the SPDC's nuclear project. We have

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An Ardent Appeal to the Peoples of the Western World - Kanbawza Win

I am an insignificant Burmese expatriate, even as my native country, Union of Burma is irrelevant to the international community. I am just one of the 55 million plus people suffering silently, at the hands of the Burmese military thugs. And now, may I take your precious time just to tell you my version of the story couple with my vision.

The one unmistakable message, which I like to convey to you is that (Click the link below to watch the video and read more)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Southwestern Papun District: Transitions to DKBA control along the Bilin River - KHRG

August 18, 2010

Since late 2009, the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) has strengthened its presence in southwestern Dweh Loh Township, Papun District, increasing troop levels and camps, commencing gold mining operations on the Bilin River, and enforcing movement restrictions on the civilian population. Residents of the village tracts near the Bilin River and along the Bilin to Papun road, which follows the eastern bank of the Bilin River north through the centre of Dweh Loh Township (see map), have told KHRG field researchers that they have faced heavy demands for forced labour to support the increased DKBA presence, detracting from the time they can spend on livelihoods activities. Communities with a DKBA camp nearby have had livelihoods further curtailed, as DKBA soldiers have enforced strict curfews and other movement restrictions that have prevented villagers from spending sufficient time in their fields.
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Mr. Beard Breaks Away

Mr. Beard Breaks Away

USA Backs UN Burma Crimes Inquiry – Now EU Must Support - Campaign for Burma UK

USA Backs UN Burma Crimes Inquiry – Now EU Must Support

18 Aug 2010

Burma Campaign UK today welcomed US backing for a UN Commission of Inquiry into war crimes and crimes against humanity in Burma, and called on European Union members to also express support.

On 17th August the USA became the fifth county to publicly support a UN Commission of Inquiry into war crimes and crimes against humanity in Burma. The other countries are Australia, UK, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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Fair Elections in Burma?

Aug 16, 2010

by: Admin— Partners USA @ 10:23 am

Fair Elections in Burma?

Many people have asked me what my opinion is on the upcoming elections in Burma. Naturally they think that this is a step towards progress and democracy. I don’t believe the election will change things for the people of Burma. But rather than describing my reasoning, I am going to paste a speech that was delivered to

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Karen in UK Commemorate 60th Anniversary of Karen Martyrs’ Day - Sheffield UK

Media Release From Karen Community Association UK

14 August 2010

Today, The Karen Community Association UK commemorates the 60th Anniversary of Karen Martyrs’ Day at 12 noon in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

On August 12, 1950, Karen national leader Saw Ba U Gyi, who was the founder and president of the Karen National Union, was killed in an ambush along with eight of his colleagues in Kawkareik, Karen State (Burma), while waging a defensive struggle for freedom, national equality, democracy

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By Roland Watson

August 12, 2010


Burma has a substantial population, believed to number above fifty million people. For context, Israel and Palestine have eleven million. Afghanistan, which is about the same size as Burma, has twenty-nine million. Iraq, with a third less territory, has thirty-one million.

Inside Burma, everyone - except the small cabal of generals and their cronies who rule the country - is suffering. The Burmese people are suffocated by fear. Anyone is subject to arrest and torture, and at any time. Moreover, there is general but severe deprivation in food, education and health care. Large regions are also war zones, with the Burma Army perpetrating scorched earth attacks against ethnic minority

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Address of KNU President Saw Tamlabaw on 60th Anniversary of Martyrs Day - KNU

11 Aug 2010

Dear KNU Leaders, Comrades and all the People,

Today is the 60th anniversary of Martyrs Day and it is an august day for all the Karen people. On this special occasion, I wish you all to have good health and vigor and to be free from all dangers.

Today is a day for remembering and honoring Saw Ba U Gyi, Gen. Sanky, all the officers and

Dissent and Desertions among Burmese Armed Forces

Dissatisfactions among the Burmese armed forces are growing daily as only the top ranking officials from the military and police forces are enjoying all the luxuries while ordinary soldiers are suffering because of insufficient pay and compensation.

Information received from

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Karen Armies Unite to Face Threat of War

Karen Armies Unite to Face Threat of War

Blast, Assasination Attempt Raise Border Tensions - IRRAWADDY

Saturday, August 7, 2010

     Burmese reinforcement troops set up artillery in Myawaddy

Two people were killed and four others seriously injured when a bomb exploded in Myawaddy, Karen State, on Friday night. No one has claimed responsibility for the blast in the restive border town, where tensions between government troops and ethnic insurgent groups have been rising in recent weeks.

According to sources on the Thai-Burmese border, the bomb exploded in

Thursday, August 5, 2010

For Karen People, but not Karen State - IRRWADDY

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Kayin Peoples Party (KPP), which was formed by ethnic Karen living in Rangoon and Irrawaddy divisions, is one of the political parties seeking to contest in the upcoming election in Burma. A striking aspect of the KPP is that its leaders are retired military and civilian officials. The party's chairman, Saw Htun Aung Myint, once served as a colonel in the Burmese Navy, and its secretary general,

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

UWSA to Ban Election Campaigns in its Area - By Lawi Weng - Irrawaddy

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The United Wa State Army (UWSA), Burma's largest ethnic armed cease-fire group in northern Shan State, will ban political party campaigns in areas under its control, say UWSA leaders.

Burmese Troops Hunt DKBA Renegade - DVB


Published: 3 August 2010

An order has been sent by senior Burmese army officials to troops in Karen state to capture the commander of a government-allied militia faction, as tensions appear to be escalating.

Officials have also introduced tight regulations on civilians in towns bordering territory belonging to the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army’s (DKBA) Brigade 5, whose commander, Saw La Bwe (also known as Na Kham Mwe), continues to refuse to transform into a Border Guard Force.

Fears that escalating tensions will erupt into fighting have already caused an exodus of refugees in Burma’s eastern Karen state into Thailand

An intelligence directive, received at the weekend by DVB, was sent by the Southeastern