Monday, September 21, 2009

Karen Cultural Event - UK

Karen Cultural Event was held in London on 19th September 2009

The Karen Cultural event was held in London on 19th September 2009 by the Karen Community Association – UK , celebrating Karen Culture. The event was held in the St Ethelberga’s Peace and Reconciliation Centre, featuring traditional food, dancing, singing and a fashion show. There were also speeches and presentations on Karen culture. More than a hundred guests came to support this event.

“This event is to educate people in the UK about our culture, and to make sure Karen people in the UK don’t lose their culture, especially younger generations,” said May Pearl Tun, one of the speakers at the event. “It will be the biggest Karen cultural event we have ever organised in the UK .”

More than 400 Karen people live in the UK , most have come to the UK as part of United Nations resettlement programme.

As well as cultural events, the Karen Community Association UK campaigns for human rights and democracy in Burma , helps the Karen community, and raises funds for refugees and internally displaced people.

This Karen Cultural Event was sponsored by the Phan Foundation & Karen National Union – UK .