Monday, October 5, 2009

KNU Leaders on Assassination List

October 5, 2009

Leaders of KNU and Burmese democracy activists based in Mae Sot, Thailand are on the alert because of news that the DKBA is plotting to assassinate high ranking officials among them.

According to one of the KNU Leaders, who requested anonymity, since early September they received information that SPDC has assigned the DKBA to assassinate leaders of KNU and Pro Democracy groups.

The source said that DKBA sent 12 of it's agents to work together with Thai businessmen in planning the assassinations. The plan includes assassinating 4 top KNU leaders, 4 Federation of Trade Unions - Burma (FTUB) leaders and other Pro Democracy Leaders based in Thailand.

The source also mentioned that KNU Leaders and brigade & battalion commanders from other areas traveling back and forth to Thai border are also put on alert.

The above is a translation from a news article in Karen which appeared on Kwekalu